Sep 29, 2015

Top Glove – Technical Buy


Top Glove Stock Code:  7113  Target Price:  RM8.50

top glove technical analysisTopGlove daily Chart (click to enlarge) 

TOPGLOV’s share price retreated slightly by 1.4% to close at RM7.99. In terms of chart outlook, the share price has formed a descending triangle pattern, in which we expect a potential rebound in share price should it break out from the triangle pattern. Meanwhile, negative key indicators were noted, with both RSI and Stochastic Indicator heading downwards. Although MACD remains below its positive Signal line, it is picking up, suggesting a possible reversal in trend. Hence, we are looking for breakout from the triangle pattern which is also a good entry point for investors to accumulate the stock with the target price of RM8.50 (R2), while a strict stop-loss is placed at RM7.68 (S2).

by Kenanga Research 29/09/15

The principal activities of the Company are investment holding and the provision of management services. The principal activities of the subsidiaries are manufacture and trading of gloves and property investment

Sep 28, 2015

Comintel Corporation May Trend Higher (technical)


Comintel Stock Code 7195

Comintel Corporation may trend higher after recovering back above the  MYR0.275  level  t  touch  the  50-day  MAV  line  in  its  latest session.  Traders  may  buy  as  a  bullish  bias  could  be  present  above this  level,  with  a  target  price  of  MYR0.32,  followed  by  MYR0.345. The  stock  may  consolidate  further  if  it  cannot  sustain  above  the MYR0.275  mark.  In  this  case,  further  support  is  anticipated  at MYR0.24, where traders can exit upon a breach.

Comintel daily chart:

comintel chart analysis

by RHB Securities 28/09/15 

The principal activity of the Company is that of investment holding while the principal activities of its subsidiaries are Turnkey engineering design and integration programme management installation and commissioning; manufacturer and assembler of electronic components.

Sep 25, 2015

UEM SUNRISE – Bullish Flag Pattern


UEMS Stock Code: 5148

UEMS lost approximately 50% of its value from the high of RM1.40 in merely 5 months. What caught our interest was that the share price has broken above the downward-sloping resistance level with a surge in volume, while a bullish “Flag” pattern has been formed. This could indicate that the sentiment for this stock has turned positive and an uptrend is underway. On Wednesday, UEMS rose 7.48% or 8.0 sen to RM1.15. Despite the MACD histogram widening, both Stochastic and RSI are inching into the overbought territory, suggesting that a short consolidation is imminent. All in, should the buying interest persist, we reckon that the RM1.25 and RM1.31 levels should make decent targets. Traders who are keen to buy into the stock may do so between RM1.03 – RM1.06, while a tight stop loss of RM1.00 should also be placed just below the trend line resistance-turned-support.

UEMS chart analysis

by Kenanga Research – 25/09/15


The principal activities of the subsidiaries are property development land trading property investment project procurement and management and investment holding.

Sep 23, 2015

IFCAMSC - Testing RM0.88 Resistance Level


IFCA MSC BHD  Stock Code: 0023

Wait for breakout signal. The stock may move sideways if the MYR0.88 level cannot  be  breached.

IFCA  MSC  was  testing  the  MYR0.88  level  in  its  latest  session  after crossing  the  50-day  MAV  line  marginally.  Traders  may  buy  if  this level  is  breached  in  the  near  term,  with  a  target  price  of  MYR1.01. In the meantime, the stock may move sideways if the MYR0.88 level cannot  be  breached.  Support  may  then  be  found  at  MYR0.80, where traders can exit upon a breach.

ifcamsc analysis by Malacca Securities – 23/09/15

The Company is principally involved in R&D and selling of enterprise-wide integrated business solutions.

Sep 22, 2015

MINHO – Further Upward Potential


MINHO Stock Code 5576

MINHO (Trading Buy, TP: RM1.36). Yesterday, its share price rose for the third consecutive days to settle at RM1.22, with strong buying volume. Chart-wise, it has broken out from its regression upper band and traded above its 20 and 50 days SMA levels, suggesting further upward potential. Key indicators are generally positive, with MACD trading above its positive Signal line while RSI is hooking upwards strongly. However, Stochastic has crossed above its overbought territory, signalling a potential reversal. Given that the stock has garnered buying interest, we advocate day traders to take the opportunity to accumulate this stock, as we expect a rally towards its immediate resistance level of RM1.36 (R1) while we place a strict stop-loss at RM1.15 (3 bids below support level of RM1.18 (S1)).

Minho Daily Chart (click to enlarge)

minho analysis Source: Kenanga Research – 22/09/15


The principal activity of the Company is investment holding. The principal activities of the subsidiary companies consist of kiln drying and chemical preservative treatment; manufacturing exporting and dealing in moulded timber and its related products; export of processed timber products; manufacturing and distribution of industrial paper bags; trading in log supply and its related products; exploitation of timber concessions; property development and building construction; and manufacturing and dealing in furniture components and its related products.

Sep 21, 2015

Malaysian Top 100 Stocks: MONEY FLOW


malaysia top 10 money inflow stocks
•  Malayan Banking recorded the highest net money infl ow of RM14.19m last week. Nonetheless, its share price slightly underperformed the market benchmark despite a 3.45% weekly rise. In comparison, the FBM KLCI jumped by 4.11% during the review week.
•  Tenaga Nasional came in second with RM13.53m net infl ow. Its share price outperformed the market benchmark with a whopping 8.91% week-on-week rise.
•  Petronas Gas recorded the third highest net money infl ow of RM10.85m but its share price
underperformed the FBM KLCI with a 2.15% weekly gain.
•  We reckon the above index-linked stocks are among the potential benefi ciaries of the government’s plan to reactivate ValueCap with funds infusion of up to RM20 billion.


malaysian top 10 money outflow stocks
•  Public Bank saw the largest net money outflow of –RM13.70m during the review week. Nonetheless, its stock price outperformed as it ended the week higher by 4.28% against a slightly lower 4.11% rise in the FBM KLCI. It is notable that the net money outfl ow amidst rising share price may indicate sell on strength (SOS) stance among some investors.
•  Axiata came in second last week with a net outfl ow of –RM5.68m. However, its share price also
outperformed the market benchmark with a 5.76% weekly gain which may indicate a SOS stance among some investors.
•  Top Glove registered the third largest net money outfl ow at –RM3.92m in the review week. Accordingly, its share price underperformed the broader market with a -6.55% weekly loss. The absolute price underperformance was not unexpected in view of the recent appreciation of Ringgit against US Dollar. Top Glove earns a substantial portion of its revenue.


Sep 20, 2015

Careplus Chart: Breakout


Careplus Grup Bhd Stock Code 0163

CAREPLS experienced a flag formation breakout above the RM0.46 level with higher-than-average volumes. The MACD Indicator is trending higher, while the RSI is hovering above 50. Price target will be envisaged around the RM0.51-RM0.535 levels. Support will be anchored around the RM0.44 level.

Careplus Daily Chart (click to enlarge):

careplus anlaysis

by Malacca Securities

The Company are principally an investment holding company whilst their wholly owned subsidiaries are principally involved in the manufacturing processing ann trading of gloves.