Jan 4, 2010


Stock code 7064


Chart wise : Highest high since 14/12/2000…………

Latexx  had on 31/12/2009 crossed over the RM3.00 level to reach the highest high of RM3.10 since 14/12/2000 before settled at RM3.07. 

Next Potential Upside Target : With the upside violation of RM3.00 level, Latexx would thus be likely to trade upward with next upside target at RM3.60. 

Entry Level  : Risk taking traders may establish buying position at RM3.04.

Stop Loss Level : Once a buying position is being established, a stop loss level at  RM2.80 level  must be placed for risk capital protection purpose followed by trailing stop loss strategy.

source : Mercury Securities