Feb 16, 2011


FRONTKLN Stock Code 0128

Chart wise : Highest since 8/2/2010 …….
Frontkn (0128  - MainBoard) had on 14/2/2011 crossed over the immediate high of  RM0.22 (8/2/2011) to reach highest high of RM0.24 since 8/2/2010 before settled at RM0.235.

below: FRONTKEN chart (click to enlarge)frontkln 
Price Direction ….. 
In view of  an increase  in market participation, the stock can be expected to trade  upward in coming day(s) with an overhead resistance pegged at RM0.29 and support at RM0.20. 

What to watch for …. 
A turnaround of prices to close below RM0.20 level would likely see a change of stock direction in the immediate short term.

by: Mercury Securities

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