Sep 28, 2015

Comintel Corporation May Trend Higher (technical)

Comintel Stock Code 7195

Comintel Corporation may trend higher after recovering back above the  MYR0.275  level  t  touch  the  50-day  MAV  line  in  its  latest session.  Traders  may  buy  as  a  bullish  bias  could  be  present  above this  level,  with  a  target  price  of  MYR0.32,  followed  by  MYR0.345. The  stock  may  consolidate  further  if  it  cannot  sustain  above  the MYR0.275  mark.  In  this  case,  further  support  is  anticipated  at MYR0.24, where traders can exit upon a breach.

Comintel daily chart:

comintel chart analysis

by RHB Securities 28/09/15 

The principal activity of the Company is that of investment holding while the principal activities of its subsidiaries are Turnkey engineering design and integration programme management installation and commissioning; manufacturer and assembler of electronic components.