Apr 29, 2010

MYEG Stock Code 0138

Chart wise : A pull back seen before  resuming  ………
Having found support at RM0.415,  MYEG had on  27/4/2010 tested immediate high of RM0.46 (1/3/2010) before settled at RM0.45. 

Myeg chart : click to enlarge

Next Potential Upside Target : An upside violation of RM0.46 level would see MYEG  to trade upward with next upside target at RM0.50. However, a pull back was seen possible before the stock making its next attempt to go upward. 

Entry Level
  : Risk taking traders may establish buying position at RM0.435.

Stop Loss Level
: Once a buying position is being established, a stop loss level at  RM0.42 level  must be placed for risk capital protection purpose followed by trailing stop loss strategy.

by Mercury Securities