May 12, 2010

DUFU stock code 7233

Dufu (7233) had on 10/5/2010 traded higher with a day high of RM0.59 before settled at day high. 

Chart wise : Buying volume expanded ……………

Next Potential Upside Target : With the crossover of RM0.56 level, Dufu would thus be likely to trade upward with next upside target at RM0.65. 

Entry Level : Risk taking traders may establish buying position at RM0.57 as a pull back would improve the risk reward ratio.

Stop Loss Level : Once a buying position is being established, a stop loss level at RM0.53 level must be placed for risk capital protection purpose followed by trailing stop loss strategy.


by Mercury Securities

The Company was incorporated on March 30, 2002 as a private limited company under the name of Dufu Technology Corp. Sdn Bhd. The principal activities of the Company are investment holding company of DISB, IPG and DISPL.