May 24, 2010

TRANMIL Stock Code 7000

Chart wise : A stock could potentially bring smile after a pull back ……………
Tranmil (PN17) had on 21/5/2010 traded down to a day low of RM0.43 before rebounded to settle near day high at RM0.45. 

Next Potential Upside Target : An upside violation of RM0.485 level would likely see Tranmil to trade upward with next upside target at RM0.65. 

Entry Level  : Risk taking traders may establish buying position at RM0.41 as pull back is seen possible before the next upward move.

Stop Loss Level : Once a buying position is being established, a stop loss level at RM0.38 level must be placed for risk capital protection purpose followed by trailing stop loss strategy.


by Mercury Securities

Transmile Group offers a range of air transportation services, primarily freight.