Nov 18, 2011

FBM KLCI Technical Analysis – Downside Volatility Will Emerge

FBM KLCI Daily Chart  - Trade with a short-term time frame locally

The FBM KLCI declined by 11.37-points to close at 1,465.47 yesterday. Stocks that led the index down were CIMB, IOICORP, GENTING, BAT and TENAGA. 

Technical Viewpoint: The FBM KLCI’s key swings are 936.63 (Wave 4A high) and 836.51 (Wave 4B low). An “A-B-C”-correction unfolded and we made a “Flat” Wave 5-move that stalled at 1,597.08 on (11 July 2011). A poor  close  in  the  last  3  months  saw  a  “Monthly  Dark  Cloud  Cover”  candle  pattern  with  downward confirmation to the 1,310.53 low (26 Sep). The current rebound phase surpassed 1,487.62 recently to stall at 1,493.28 on 31 October. Most of the index’s indicators have turned negative, which shows its current upward rebound action that had stalled at 1,493.28 (31 Oct). Due to the US markets’ very poor tone last night, we may see another downward day for the index.

We advise clients to trade with a short-term time frame locally. It  is  unwise  to  join  the  recent  penny  stock  activity  (e.g.  HARVEST  with  its  suspension,  designation  and second consecutive limit-down) as these  stocks do not have any fundamentals and the companies are loss making. Sell these stocks swiftly if their trends turn down.

fbm klci elliot wave analysis above: FBM KLCI Technical (Elliot Wave) Daily chart (click to enlarge)

by Maybank Investment Bank