Jan 4, 2012

Bursa Malaysia Stocks Unwinding

Investment Strategy    Defensive: In vogue
Expect KLCI to see downside in 1H12 on slower grow th and risk aversion. Seek shelter in Telecom, NFO stocks and REITs. Specific opportunities in bustling construction and oil & gas sectors.
Trader’s Spectrum – From the Chartroom
What a turbulent year for global equities it has been. And the worst is probably  not over yet as we enter 2012 amid external uncertainties. The odds are that there is more downside  risk than upside potential for

Malaysian equities going forward. 
Technically speaking, we predict the FBM KLCI – after peaking at an all-time high of 1,597 in Jul last year – will slide within a primary bearish pattern.

This unwinding process could possibly drag the index to bottom somewhere inside our targeted support range of between 1,215 and 1,265 this year. On the other hand, our first two key resistance hurdles are pegged at 1,555 and 1,610 respectively to block any intermittent counter trend reversals.

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by: HwangDBS