May 28, 2015

ULICORP - Bullish Engulfing

ULICORP Stock Code 7133 RM3.00
United U-Li Corporation (ULICORP) may climb after forming a “Bullish Engulfing” pattern, albeit on a relatively low volume. Traders may buy as a bullish bias could be present above the MYR3.00 level, with a target price of MYR3.50, assuming the MYR3.19 level can be surpassed. The stock may consolidate if it cannot hold above the MYR3.00 mark. In this case, further support is anticipated at MYR2.78, where traders can exit upon a breach to avoid further correction.

ULICORP Daily Chart:

ulicorp stock analysis chart

by RHB
United U-Li Corporation BhdThe Company is involved in the manufacture and sale of metal related products.