Sep 21, 2015

Malaysian Top 100 Stocks: MONEY FLOW


malaysia top 10 money inflow stocks
•  Malayan Banking recorded the highest net money infl ow of RM14.19m last week. Nonetheless, its share price slightly underperformed the market benchmark despite a 3.45% weekly rise. In comparison, the FBM KLCI jumped by 4.11% during the review week.
•  Tenaga Nasional came in second with RM13.53m net infl ow. Its share price outperformed the market benchmark with a whopping 8.91% week-on-week rise.
•  Petronas Gas recorded the third highest net money infl ow of RM10.85m but its share price
underperformed the FBM KLCI with a 2.15% weekly gain.
•  We reckon the above index-linked stocks are among the potential benefi ciaries of the government’s plan to reactivate ValueCap with funds infusion of up to RM20 billion.


malaysian top 10 money outflow stocks
•  Public Bank saw the largest net money outflow of –RM13.70m during the review week. Nonetheless, its stock price outperformed as it ended the week higher by 4.28% against a slightly lower 4.11% rise in the FBM KLCI. It is notable that the net money outfl ow amidst rising share price may indicate sell on strength (SOS) stance among some investors.
•  Axiata came in second last week with a net outfl ow of –RM5.68m. However, its share price also
outperformed the market benchmark with a 5.76% weekly gain which may indicate a SOS stance among some investors.
•  Top Glove registered the third largest net money outfl ow at –RM3.92m in the review week. Accordingly, its share price underperformed the broader market with a -6.55% weekly loss. The absolute price underperformance was not unexpected in view of the recent appreciation of Ringgit against US Dollar. Top Glove earns a substantial portion of its revenue.