Sep 8, 2015

Unisem Rebounded

UNISEM  Stock Code: 5005   Target  price  of  MYR2.20unisem chart analysis
above: Unisem Daily Chart

Unisem  rebounded  to  test  the  MYR1.95  level  in  its  latest  session. Traders  may  buy  if  this  level  is  breached  in  the  near  term,  with  a target  price  of  MYR2.20.  In  the  meantime,  the  stock  may consolidate  further  if  the  MYR1.95  level  cannot  be  surpassed. Support  may  then  be  found  at  MYR1.73,  where  traders  can  exit upon a breach.

by RHB Securities

The Company is involved in manufacture assembly and packaging of integrated circuits and other semiconductor devices.