Jul 18, 2016

MFLOUR Technical Analysis

Malaysian Flour Analysis Stock Code: 3662

mflour share analysis
MFLOUR has experienced a breakout above the RM1.32 level with high volumes. Themalaysian flour data MACD Indicator has expanded positively above zero, while the RSI is overbought. Price may rally towards the RM1.42 and RM1.55 levels after a short consolidation. Support will be pegged around the RM1.28 level
source: Malacca Securities Research 18/07/16

The principal activities of the Company are to carry on the business of milling and selling wheat flour and its related products. The principal activities of the subsidiaries are transport management; processing and sale of poultry; breeding and sale of day-old chicks; manufacture and sale of animal feeds and related raw materials; purchase and contract farming of poultry for resale; and milling and selling wheat flour together with its allied products.