Jul 25, 2016

Tunepro Technical Analysis

Stock Code: 5230
tunepro analysis
TUNEPRO has formed a Breakout-Pullback-Continuation pattern above the RM1.55 level with tunepro dataimproved volumes. The MACD Indicator is trending positively above zero. The RSI, however, is overbought. Price may rally towards the RM1.90 level after a short consolidation. Support will be pegged around the  RM1.55 level.
source: Malacca Securities Research – 25/07/16
The Group are an insurance product manager for their online partners (currently AirAsia Tune Hotels and AirAsia Expedia) where the Group among others design and manage insurance products that will be sold to the customers of their online insurance partners. The Group is an underwriter directly and via reinsurance of general and life insurance products across the Asia-Pacific region. The Group operate two core businesses an online insurance business through which insurance products are sold to customers as part of their online booking process with the Group online partners and other general insurance business currently only in Malaysia.