Apr 25, 2012

Ramunia Holdings Bhd (7206) - technical breakout

Chart wise: Ramunia Holding stock code 7296  Trading/Services – RM0.40.

Ramunia’s  candle  made  a  strong  breakout  of  its  long-term  downtrend  line  as  well.  The  strong runup  also  allowed  the  candle  to  breach its  congestion  band  at  around  the  RM0.32  level.  Its indicators  are  also  on  the  rise,  suggesting  further  upsides,  but  yesterday’s  surge  may  prompt  a consolidation.

ramunia chart analysis above: Ramnunia Daily Chart

Therefore, the stock is also worth a buy if it takes out the RM0.41 in the near term, otherwise it would  be  wise  to  wait  for  the  consolidation  to  take  its  course  first.  There  is  support  at  RM0.35 with the strong support at RM0.32. The resistance, meanwhile, is at RM0.44